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Ravens 2, Nerubians 0

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The falled Anub'Arak in Azjol-NerubLast night saw the first venture into Azjol-Nerub in Dragonblight ... and despite a couple of nasty encounters (particularly as we went into the dungeon cold) we made good time and finished up in under an hour - in fact, due to a slight accident with forgetting to aquire a quest drop we ran it a second time (learning more about the encounters as we went) and in the end both runs came to little more than 90 minutes (and I reckon it'd be 30 or less each time once people are up to speed). Without getting too spoilery, its a spooky place and (as one might expect when dealing with undead spiders) its not somewhere for arachnaphobics. The gear drops were solid and rapidly approaching the kind of kit aquired from the top of Kara/ZA/Badges, so I imagine the next few instances will see larger-scale swapping of gear.

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