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Violet Hold (or should that be Violent holds?)

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The fallen CyanigosaLike all public spirited people, the Ravens felt compelled to do their civic duty now many are resident in Dalaran, providing relieve for the the guards in the maximum security prison that is the Violet Hold. Of course, we faced a number of challenges from the troublesome blue dragonflight but prevailed (and in fact going on to do "overtime" and beating back three more waves of attacks, with only one slight misshap). Looking at the rewards gained, I'm sure there'll be many more volunteers for guard duty in this place too (and its such a long way from the civic amenities ...)

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So, How Far Apart Are We? from The Shattered Ravens on March 19, 2009 10:28 AM

Well, given that Andro's post on defeating Violet Hold was back in December, that means that the trailing edge of the guild are about three months behind the leading edge...... Read More

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