Last night was the guild's secon major push into Ulduar, and it went well. 

Flame Leviathan went down on the second attempt, so we then pottered off to see XT-002 Deconstructor, who went down first time:

XT-002 Deconstructor
We then one-shotted Ignis before going to have a chat with Razorscale. This was a long fight - long enough that my client crashed, I had to force a reboot, and was able to log back in and rejoin the fight before the end. And the end was good:

Shanda had to call off then, so we substituted in Almaron. However, two healers prove, uh, sub-optimal in the Kologarn fight, so Hex switched to healing. And Lokè discovered that Kologarn, in fact, lives in a hole. (Riv double checked this for us later). But, on the fourth attempt, down he went:

I believe the plan is to extend the lock-out and push deeper into Ulduar.

Koralon The Flame Watcher

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And you can blame Master Deacus for the music choice, because he said the last vid reminded him of something...

Hot Gnaked Gnome Action

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Hot Riv Action
You know that bug that sometimes makes people in your party look naked?

Sometimes it's just wrong.

Ulduar: Ignis Kill Movie

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After we downed Flame Leviathan last night:



Flame Leviathan:

Flame Leviathan



Andro's account of the night is here.

The Fall of Naxxramas

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So, finally we were back in Naxx last night. Sapphiron went down first time, and pretty easily:

Which left us Kel'Thuzad. He was rather more ticksy, and after three wipes, and some personnel changes, we made a couple of last nine-man attempts:

Kel'Thezad's ChairAnd that's Naxx cleared. Next stop: The Eye of Eternity

Construct Wing Cleared

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On Monday night, the one wing of Naxxramas that we'd yet to clear fell before the Ravens.

Gluth had been the stumbling block, but a new tactic saw him fall. Gradjo tanked the Zombie Chow adds, with Shanda healing him, while Lashka and Deacus tanked the boss. He went down, first time:

Next up was Thaddius. One wipe, due to some positioning issues on the two pre-boss mobs, but then down he went...

Two bosses to go...

The Cataclysm Comes

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Monday night's first excursion into the military wing brought us these two kills:

Instructor Razuvious Down
Razuvious went down on the second attempt, once Gradjo and Deacus got the hang of mind-controlling the students.

Gothik the Harvester
Gothik went down first time, although it was rather touch-and-go towards the end. We were 9-manning it anyway, and the death of a couple of DPS during the fght meant that we hit the 100% stats reduction....