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Occu'thar down
Last Monday, we dropped our first boss of the second Cataclysm raid tier - Occu'thar. w00t!
It's been a long time since we dropped a brand new boss. And it's been longer still since we did our first complete clear of an instance.

Tonight, we did both.

First up, we said "goodnight Gracie" to Halfus in the Bastion of Twilight:

Halfus down
And then, at long, long last, we returned to the Blackwing Descent and finally put paid to Nefarian:

The Blackwing Descent cleared
We got a couple of nice achievements for our pains:

Achieving Something

A Night of Unfinished Business

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After many attempts, finally we took down Yogg-Saron:

The fall of Yogg-Saron
Halion, alas, had a strange reluctance to fall down in front of us, and after the loss of Kaboodle to sleepy-time, we went to try our luck in the Trial of the Crusader.

Anub'Arak beaten
We cleared the place in about 30 mins. Might be time to make our way to the Cataclysm raids...
Lich King RIP
A little late, perhaps. But we got him. :-)

Rotface Redux

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Here's the last minute or so of our Rotface kill from last night. As you can see from the video, I didn't have much to do then...

Rotface Down

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Rotface Down
Another ICC boss falls before us...

Festergut Falls

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Festergut Falls
A mere week after Saurfang fell, we get Festergut down on the third attempt. Some strong attempts on Rottface and some good learning on Valithria Dreamwalker suggests that we might be able to push forwards in the coming weeks... 

Saurfang Goes Splat

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Deathbringer Saurfang, who was rapidly becoming the Aran of this expansion, finally fell last night, although it was touch and go...

Saurfang Down

Marrowgar Down

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The defeat of our first Icecrown Citadel boss:

Marrowgar Down
This marks the first ever time we've killed a boss at the cutting edge of raiding.
Last night was the guild's secon major push into Ulduar, and it went well. 

Flame Leviathan went down on the second attempt, so we then pottered off to see XT-002 Deconstructor, who went down first time:

XT-002 Deconstructor
We then one-shotted Ignis before going to have a chat with Razorscale. This was a long fight - long enough that my client crashed, I had to force a reboot, and was able to log back in and rejoin the fight before the end. And the end was good:

Shanda had to call off then, so we substituted in Almaron. However, two healers prove, uh, sub-optimal in the Kologarn fight, so Hex switched to healing. And Lokè discovered that Kologarn, in fact, lives in a hole. (Riv double checked this for us later). But, on the fourth attempt, down he went:

I believe the plan is to extend the lock-out and push deeper into Ulduar.

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